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Specialty Sensor Technologies Inc (SST) is a privately held engineering and manufacturing company located in Montreal, Canada. Incorporated in 1996 with a vision of developing and manufacturing a broad range of specialized sensor products, SST initially developed products specifically and exclusively for certain customers. Since then, we have shifted our focus towards development of our own products. Our current product offerings span many industries including machine health monitoring (vibration sensors and displays), time and attendance (portable data collectors and door access readers), age verification (EasyID and ContactID), and industrial monitoring (humidity sensors).

SST has grown due to a number of distinctive competences: the ability to quickly absorb new technologies, good implementation of technologies resulting in superior products, a short product design cycle and high productivity, same day shipping of products, and the direct control over quality through in-house assembly of all products. These factors will continue to propel SST to new heights through the development of new products and the timely delivery of existing products to customers.

In achieving our vision, we are firmly committed to our 5 company objectives:

Profit - To achieve sufficient profit to finance company growth and to provide the resources required to meet other company objectives.

Expertise - To become experts in whatever field of interest the company is involved in.

Growth - To let company growth be limited only by profits and the ability of the company to produce innovative products that satisfy real needs.

People - To attract and keep the best people and to allow them to share in the success of the company.

Community - To become a social asset in every community in which the company operates.