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Picture coming Soon HHS100
  • Brightest flash of any strobe in its class
  • Long run time per charge
  • User adjustable flash rates
  • Buttons for easy 2 and 2 adjustment
  • Phase shift mode for full inspection around wheels and gears
  • Alphanumeric LCD display with easy user interface
  • One hand operation for right or left handed operators
  • Removable battery with built-in charge electronics
  • External trigger input and clock output
  • Complete with carry case and AC adapter
Description - Specifications
The new TechStrobe from Specialty Sensor Technologies is the perfect tool for diagnostic inspection. Use it to ‘freeze’ rotating machinery for inspection of gears, pulleys, wheels, drums and more without the need to stop the machine. Also use it to measure the rotational speed without any physical contact.

The TechStrobe is completely portable and operates continuously for hours from a single charge. The battery packs have all charge electronics built-in and can be set aside for charging while operating the strobe with a second battery pack. All functions on the TechStrobe are intuitive and easy to reach - a central knob for adjustments and 5 buttons for the most common functions. It is compact, impact resistant with industrial strength and a balanced feeling for one-handed operation - technicians will quickly make it their tool of choice.