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  • Multiple Interfaces: RS232, multidrop RS485 & TCP/IP
  • Code 39 Symbology (others available)
  • Stand-alone or networked operation
  • 100 Schedules
  • Each reader can have its own IP address
  • Dual line LCD display with backlight (16 chars per line)
  • Server-client or Clientserver configuration for TCP/IP
  • Internal user list: 64K bytes battery backed
  • Internal access log: 64K bytes battery backed
  • Can be used on the same network as the NMR100(magstripe reader)
Description - Specifications
The NBR100 is a wall-mountable barcode slot reader with built-in RS232, RS485 and TCP/IP interfaces. It is ideal for door access, labor tracking and time-and-attendance systems. In its simplest form, the NBR100's internal memory can be programmed with a list of authorized users and associated schedules, and it can operate as a standalone access control system. Its internal memory can also be programmed to store a record of which user was granted or denied access, as well as when. For larger or more demanding installations, one or more NBR100's can be connected to a host computer, using any of the built-in interfaces. The access log can then be downloaded, either periodically or in real-time, to the host computer. New users can be added or removed from any of the readers over this same connection, and any of the internal settings can be changed in a similar manner. Up to 126 readers can be connected through the RS485 connection. Installation is easy, using standard modular plugs, and the TCP/IP connection allows for direct connection to a LAN. Power can be provided either locally, or over one of the modular cables. A built-in relay allows activation of a door strike, turnstile gate or similar device, and two sense inputs can be used for connection to door contacts, push-to-exit buttons or motion detectors. Two independent 64K memory buffers allow the unit to easily support and log 5000 users, and all LCD messages are programmable over any of the interfaces. The TCP/IP connection can support a virtually unlimited number of units since each NBR100 gets its own IP address. TCP/IP connected readers can be polled individually or multiple readers can report to a single static IP address for easy data exchange.