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  • Self contained, handheld package
  • Battery operated - up to 10,000 swipes
  • Reads Tracks 1 and 2 - no data restrictions
  • Stores 1000 card scans
  • Visual indication of good/bad swipe
  • Only valid swipes are stored
  • All swipes are timestamped
  • Data retained even if power is removed
  • Includes PC software and download cable
  • Ready to use with battery and carry case
Description - Specifications
The TA48 is a smaller version of our very popular TA90 magnetic card reader. Capable of reading both tracks 1 and 2 of standard magnetic stripe cards, it provides all the features of the TA90 but in a package about the size. The TA48 gives a visual indication that the swipe was good (green) or bad (red), and for good swipes, logs the data from tracks 1 and 2 in non-volatile memory for later retrieval. Each card entry is also timestamped with the date and time of the swipe. The stored data can be downloaded to a PC compatible computer using the cable and software provided with the unit. The TA48s small size and ease of use enable a range of applications not possible before. Use it to track time and attendance, service calls, home visits, outdoor events, VIP and customer loyalty cards, subcontractors and more.