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  • Displays 4 channels of vibration or temp
  • Directly compatible with VTx00 sensors
  • Alarm and Warning limits for each channel
  • Time delays for each limit threshold
  • 0.001 inch/sec resolution
  • 0-5 V analog outputs for each channel
  • Password to lockout unauthorized changes
  • Large, easily visible dome alarm light
  • Auxiliary temperature channel input
  • NEMA 4 sealed enclosure
  • 6 fully programmable SPDT relay outputs
  • Provides sensor power via 4-20 mA loops
Description - Specifications
Vibration monitoring is a proven method of gauging the health of a machine and should be an integral part of any industrial predictive maintenance program. Any misalignment, poor balance or looseness in the machine will cause the vibration to increase over time as the machineís health deteriorates.

The VDS104 from SST is a 4 channel display system which can be used with appropriate vibration and temperature transmitters to provide a cost effective method of monitoring the condition of rotating machines. Front indicators include an easy to read LCD display for real-time display of the current vibration level, as well as LEDs for the alarm and warning thresholds for each channel. A large dome light for alarms is visible from distances of over 150 ft. Outputs include 0-5 V analog signals for each channel as well as 6 fully programmable SPDT relays. When used with SSTís VTx00 line of vibration transmitters, the VDS104 forms a complete standalone low cost system for continuous vibration monitoring.